About the team

Andrej Nastran – Mastermind behind PlantRay project. In my free time I like to develop different kinds of electronic gadgets, most of them are in connection with different plants. Generally speaking I like to grow plants this is why I like to make things easier. My role in the PlantRay Project was developing the PCB circuit, I did the 3D model design of the hygrometer, wrote the FW and did all of the required tests. My previous successful crowdfunding project is http://igg.me/at/daisydotsi

Uroš Gomboc – I joined the project because I like the idea of it. Years ago, I had a company, which I sold and now entrepreneurship is my hobby. Years of experiences, which I gained when I was head of sales in different multinational corporations will help launching the product on the market. Primarily, my responsibilities are marketing and organisation.

Hinko Golias – I like innovative and interesting projects, this is why I joined the team. I have a manufacturing and services company for laboratory technology. I am supporting this project financially, technically and I am also offering help in the production.